Building your very own luxury backyard can be so exciting with your own private getaway just outside your backdoor and one of the most important choices you can make is your decking materials. Decking is one of the most important elements in the backyard, the design choice that will pull everything else together. You have so many options to choose from and you want to be sure your choice suits your style, well, right down to the ground!

Aloha wood

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Pressure-treated wood is a traditional choice for decking material that goes best with more naturalistic, organic looks.

Composite decking is a modern product with a traditional look. It can be used just as wood can, offering the same natural look, but also a variety of color options.

Concrete is perhaps the most typical choice, but now you can choose from a variety of custom finishes like stamping and coloring or even mimic the look of flagstone or pavers or use concrete slabs with artificial grass or pea gravel in between. While different finishes offer different looks, concrete is normally associated with a contemporary, modern look.

Exposed aggregate is concrete as well, but with the rougher surface material removed to expose the “aggregate” or the stones used to bind concrete. By using different sizes or different colors of stones, exposed aggregate can be very versatile, pulling together both natural and contemporary backyards.

Kool Deck - Perry Pools & Spas

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Kool deck offers much of what concrete does including the modern look, just minus the heat! It’s engineered to be cooler to the touch than concrete which can be an important consideration if your home is somewhere with extreme temperatures in the summer months.

Pavers are the great choice for a natural look if you want to get creative! These little blocks (available in stone, brick or concrete) are like building blocks, so the designs can be as complex and imaginative and you and your builder decide!

Traditional brick is also commonly used as a paver, and like pavers, they give your outdoor space a more free-flowing natural feel.

Travertine Decking - Premier Pools

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Travertine is another stone paver material but is distinct enough to deserve its own mention. Travertine pavers can appear almost marble-like and offer the lighter colors and clean lines that are a perfect fit for a modern backyard space.

Marble itself is a gorgeous, cool choice for a contemporary yet classically beautiful backyard. Like almost all stone materials, marble is durable, but offers a crisp white modern look.

Flagstones are an excellent choice if you love the durability of natural stone but a more free-flowing, naturalistic feel. Each stone is unique and assures the finished product will be as well.

Flagstone Decking - Keith Zars Pools

Keith Zars Pools (Click the picture to view the Keith Zars Pools website)


Bluestone makes a pleasing choice if you want a little order with your nature. Bluestone is easy to shape, so it can provide the appearance of natural stone but the lines and convenience of pavers.

Slate, a different form of sedimentary rock, is another great natural stone decking choice for a nature lovers.

Tile is one of the most versatile and artistic choices for a contemporary, modern backyard. With an endless variety of color and sizes in which to create designs, tiles make almost anything possible.

Artificial grass is a great contemporary choice to inject a controlled natural element into your modern backyard. It can be used to emphasize the clean lines of other design choices, but there’s no need to cut or maintain it.

Rubber spray or rubberized pavers are another terrific and versatile modern invention. These materials offer a clean, uniform look that enhances the dramatic effect of any contemporary backyard space.

Of course, you don’t have to pick just one! Consider mixing your favorite elements – a composite deck with flagstone paths, concrete slabs with artificial grass, or even just a mixture of travertine and other pavers – to create a luxurious backyard that is just as unique as you and your home are. You want your getaway to be all about you from the ground up!

Below are some of the more popular decking options for luxury backyards. Let us know your favorite by voting in our poll at the bottom of the article.

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